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Innovating for the next generation of personal light air transport


A dedicated consortium comprising X-Aero, Aerochute Industries, RMIT School of Engineering and the RMIT Activator initiative, based in Melbourne, Australia. We are creating an evolving concept vertical take off and landing (VTOL) vehicle that has been submitted as a Phase II entry to the
Boeing-sponsored GoFly competition.

An ultra-light air vehicle is in development, for an individual’s transport purposes, to be interchangeably manned or unmanned. In October the first prototype was successfully flight tested. We plan to reveal our improved Phase II/III designs in 2019.

Watch this space as the next generation of innovative minds harness the most recent advances in aerospace materials, safe propulsion and ultra-compact macro drone design. Immense appreciation goes out to all for our sponsors for believing in us. Project development is further supported by GoFly holdings having an 8% equity stake in X-Aero.


X-Aero at the 2019 Avalon International Airshow

X-Aero had the privilege of showcasing the X-Craft Test Version (TV-1) at the 2019 Avalon International Airshow. The bi-annual industry event sees some of the biggest names in defence and industry sectors of aviation, internationally.

Located in the AIR4 STEM marquee, the team proudly represented RMIT University and their working relationship with industry partner Aerochute Industries, across six days in the final week of February. The team met amazing people, saw incredible flight displays and had the opportunity to discuss with both industry and the general public all things aviation/aerospace.

Most notably, RMIT’s Vice-Chancellor and President Mr Martin Bean CBE took the time to meet the team and discuss X-Aero’s vision for the future of recreational-use air vehicles.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the guidance of RMIT Activator, who facilitated the start-up of X-Aero and continue to provide ongoing support.

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